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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another guy I could vote for...

Bill Clinton for Governor of California is suggestion from San Francisco Examiner:
Forget Robin Williams, forget Rob Reiner … the superstar that big money Los Angeles Democrats want to run for governor of California is … Bill Clinton. Yep. Some of the Southland's deepest Democratic pockets are busily trying to persuade — some would say 'hire' — Clinton to move to the Golden State and take on Schwarzenegger. They figure that Bubba can beat the faltering Terminator here in 2006 in a New York minute. …

That is the problem: Clinton's a New Yorker now. There is ample precedent — right in the Clinton family — and going back to Bobby Kennedy, who moved from Hyannisport to New York, for running and winning a U.S. Senate seat in a state other than one's historic home state. But governorships have long remained the province, so to speak, of local politicians. Only one person in U.S. history has been elected governor in two different states, and that was in the days of the open frontier when political establishments were being newly created as people (and pols) moved west. It was the long-lived Sam Houston, elected governor of Tennessee in 1827 and then governor of Texas in 1859, who so far has been the nation's only double excellency.

I live in a town where the mayor is a former governor, so why not a governor who was a former president?

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