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Monday, October 31, 2005

I caught a MEME

In my absence I got passed a relative harmless meme from Murph over at Life Goes Off.

The stages of incubation are:
1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

In my case the symptom was from this post bout Michael More winning the Palme D'Or: He dedicated the award to his daughter and thank the attendees profusely for helping ensure that the US will get to see the film…

Now I who should I infect...Mmmm...How about The Generik Brand, The Token Reader, It Looks Like This, You Forgot Poland, and Ang's Weird Ideas.

Normally I hate these things, but it was kinda' fun to revisit the posts from my first month of blogging.