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Friday, October 14, 2005

Justice Baksheesh?

Tom Burka has this scoop:

Fawning Iraqi Soldier To Replace Miers As Supreme Court Pick

Best Man for the Job, Says Bush

President Bush withdrew Harriet Miers from consideration for the Supreme Court this morning and replaced her with an Iraqi soldier who told him yesterday, 'President Bush, I like you.'

'That's certainly good enough for me,' said Bush.

President Bush was talking over a videolink with a small group of American soldiers in Iraq that included the Iraqi, Sgt. Maj. Akeel Shaker Nassi, when Nassi made his remark.

Nassi's statement capped a stream of praise which he had sent Bush's way since the invasion of Iraq. In a letter dated July, 2004, Nassi wrote, 'President Bush, you are simply great!!!' and also, 'I bet Laura is the best wife ever!!' In a seperate note, Nassi wrote, 'You're super! You rock!'

Nassi recently described Bush as "the smartest man that I never met." He said that he hoped that Bush would give him a nickname soon, hopefully either "Baksheesh" or "Herb."(more)