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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is it Xmas yet?

Substitute title: "When will it ever end?"

I'm afraid that the tension over who will, or when will they be indicted has weakened my immune system. I had piercing headaches thru the night that troubled my slumber. I'd like to think it wasn't an allergic reaction to the minnestrone I just made (afterall minnestrone is Italian for all the suspect vegetables and stuff left in in the fridge).

It can't be the changing weather patterns churning up new pollen in the fall. It must be the stress, like a little child finding wrapped presents and shaking them to determine their contents, and not knowing what will be finally unwrapped. Only guessing and hoping.

It's like everyday I find a cleverly hidden package that can be shaked and guessed at, but not know the contents. Is it the Karl Rove traitor doll. Is it the fuck you Cheney pull-string action figure? All the beautiful bloggers, cum analysts, drop hints. Yet, when I shake the packages I can't tell. It sounds like it, I wanna' it to be those fantastic toys. I just'll have to wait...