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Thursday, October 13, 2005

McCain: A Vegetarian?

Since Arnold's initiatives are tanking in the polls, he calls in special reinforcements. Thus, McCain Stumps For Governor's Special Election
At an appearance in Oakland Monday, the governor hoped McCain’s popularity would translate into votes on November 8th. It was billed as a town hall meeting, but it was more like a Republican pep rally, as a crowd of mostly white women welcomed the Governor and his special guest, Senator John McCain.

“This is all about reform. This isn't about Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or vegetarians, this is about reform,” McCain said. “If we can reform here, my dear friends, we can reform everywhere.”

The reforms he referred to are the initiatives that the Governor has placed on the $45 million dollar November special election. Among them, initiatives that would strip power from public employee unions, and change the way legislative districts are drawn in the state.

The wily, astute Govenator has distance himself from the White House crowd. You could say calling in McCain is an act of desperation, but will the maverick and somewhat popular Republican really help out?
Democratic State Treasurer Phil Angelides, himself a candidate for governor, was even more harsh.

“A McCain republican, or a Schwarzenegger Republican is just another way of saying they're a Bush Republican. They're all on the same team.”