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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Now for the important legislation...

Arnold is now "putting paparazzi in their place":
Handing his Hollywood friends -- and himself -- a major victory in the perennial war with the celebrity press, Schwarzenegger has signed a bill into law further cracking down on photographers who assault celebrities in the process of trying to snap a pic.

New California law, which takes effect Jan. 1, triples the amount of damages a celebrity can sue a photographer for, as well as making employers liable for the first time. Shutterbugs also could have to fork over any profits they make from the offending pictures as well as pay punitive damages.

Law will also make employers legally responsible for their photographers and subject to damages as well, a daunting prospect for the management and ownership of print media.

Priorities, I mean, out here in California we understand there are priorties. This is right up there with passing laws against having sex with dead people --timely, important legislation.