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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mire Bush and Miers in a Judicial Quagmire

Flipping through the channels this morning I caught the Right(wing)Reverend, Pat Robertson, extolling the born again credentials of Harriet Miers for justice on the Supreme Court.

Now when Bush and Robertson agree, I must confess to a knee-jerk reaction. Not that I find the religious aspect of one's personal life a disqualification for any public office. Rather I find it should not be the only qualification. I believe that Bush indicates it should. That and he is worried about his end game. It's like he is packing the jury for his impending impeachment.

Think about it. Gonzales won't investigate any of the directives allowing torture. Roberts was part of the counsel for the Gore v. Bush Supreme Court case and possibly part of the quiet riot.

Will Miers as the personal lawyer for George for years ever find him overreaching in his role as executive? Conservatives are upset that he didn't nominate their own pick, but when has he ever done anything that didn't advance his own cause first?

On principal we should drag out the confirmation hearings as long as possible. We want documents. We want explanations. We want to know if she has been covering for his drinking. Rip the mask off and let us see the budding theocracy planned for our beautiful country. Expose the legacy that Bush is planning for us.

And someone please keep us from these Ozzie and Harriet fashion victims...