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Monday, December 26, 2005

Is the war on Christmas finally over?

Can I come out of my bunker now? I mean, I resisted the Boxing Day after Christmas Rebellion by going to a movie with a beautiful girl.

Do I need to wait until Epiphany, sometime in January? Because I got the sniffles for Christmas, and not that I didn't get any meaningful presents sniffles, or I just got gift cards sniffles. But, god to honest sniffles that want to throw your back out when sneezed- just not at a movie. Besides it's so impolite to send nasal matter on the the unsuspecting heads on moviegoers -- polite I am-- plus I'm the kinda' guy who turns off their cellphone while entering the cinema.

So, I'm resorting to the dear-departed-grandma cure: Squeezed lemom, honey, Scotch, and tad bit of hot water; extra covers and the heaviest pajamas - to sweat it all out.

So, if I post anything goofy after this, you know the cause...