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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tom Tomorrow Today

At lunch time I skipped out the office to go to a book signing by one the best political cartoonists the Bay Area ever produced.

I arrived at Stacey's at in what was standing room only. That's because they didn't have enough chairs for the 70, or so, people who showed up. They also didn't have any AV projection equipment on hand. Which means the author could not throw up an image of the cartoon panel he was speaking to, instead he winged-it and read the text.

However, that was not so much of an obstacle because, at least for me, most remembered reading all on the ones he talked about. These were the selections spaced between the summer of 2002 and 2004. The lead up to and the aftermath of the Bush war on Iraq. Well not quite the aftermath since it is still on going.

Reading some of his cynical critical cartoonish commentary (an alliterative prognostication, even) from before the war started, it seems impossible to believe that pro-war pundits can say no one could have predicted the mess we are in today.

Tom Tomorrow put it out there in black and white - and in color...

Highy recommended that you buy the book.