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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Techie Tuesday: Lazy Drinker

Actually it should be call the lazy bartender or, "Hey look, I've got my laptop hooked up to the cooler."

This swank device should be the hit at any tailgate party. Hopefully you have a wi-fi connection as well - just in case there is call for a drink you've never heard of before and you need a programmable cocktail maker:
The dispenser can hold 16 bottles as well as ice, but you need your own CO2 bottle and PC with serial interface.

The dispenser comes with software that allows you to select the cocktail of your choice, and you can even fine tune the ingredients to make your own variation of your favourite cocktail. The controlling software has a database of over 5000 drinks, and I’m sure it could be a lifetime’s work to sample them all.

You can buy it ready made or get the do-it-yourself kit from fine folks at Lazy