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Monday, April 03, 2006

DeLayed Reaction

Tom is gone, gone, gone, I don't know if I'm happpy, I don'tknow if I'm sad...that he didn't get frog marched out.

Time shares this incedulous guote:
"I don't care what history writes, " he continued. "What I care about, what's important to me is who I am, what I've done and what I can accomplish in the future. What I care about it what I believe in and how I conduct myself in fighting for what I believe in."

C'mon Tom. It's what you've done is what has got you into all this trouble. History will villify you for what you've done. I doubt you you'll accomplish much in the future unless you mean 'stay out of jail.' As far as your conduct in fighting for what you believe in, you can now join the illustrious ranks of discredited leaders who bemoan the fact they got caught and have tried to validate their actions by claiming the ends justify the means.

In former days honorable men would fall on their swords, maybe that's why they took your gun permit away...