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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush Searching for Bin Laden

Breaking News:Bush Vows to Google Bin Laden
Enlists World's Most Powerful Search Engine in Hunt for Madman

In a nationally televised speech today, President George W. Bush issued his most direct threat ever to Osama bin Laden, vowing to use the search engine Google to find the al-Qaeda terror leader.

"Mr. Osama bin Laden, you can run, but you can't hide," Mr. Bush said, with his trademark steely resolve. "Google will find you."

Mr. Bush concluded his speech by warning the world's most wanted madman, "I'm searching you on Google right now, and I'm feeling lucky."

News reports that the CIA had recently disbanded a special unit dedicated to finding Mr. bin Laden suggested that the White House no longer saw his capture as a top priority, but the President's decision to use what he called "the most powerful search engine on the Internets" sent a different message.

But even as Mr. Bush announced plans to enlist Google in the search for bin Laden, he attempted to manage the expectations of the American people, warning, "The Googling of Osama bin Laden will be a long and arduous Googling."(more)

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