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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sex - Not Writing About It!

A lot of politics, some religion and not so much about sex. Why is that?

Well, for the most part all the clips and articles about sex are mostly about Republican sex. Lurid shit. And badly done at that. Wide stance, indeed!

It reminds me of a Human Sexuality seminar on a college campus where the guest speaker starts off with one of those public speaking tricks to increase interaction with the audience:

"So, by a raise of hands I would like to conduct an informal survey. Who has had sex in the last week?"

The crowd goes nuts with waving hands.

"No honestly, who has sex in last month?"

The crowd, still rambunctious erupts in a lot of hand waving.

"I'm serious about this, how many only have had sex once every six months?"

Properly chastened, in the crowd only a few brave souls raise their hands.

"Well, who has sex only once a year?"

Unexpectedly, from the back row is a voice saying, "Me, me!"

The speaker taken aback asks, "Why are you so exited?"

"It's tomorrow, it's tomorrow!"