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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Techie Tuesday: Can't Tase Me Bro

Groundbreaking technology as reported by Gizmodo, the Thor Shield:
The "Thor Shield" was designed for police officers but sure to be more popular amongst protesters and other people who piss off police officers. It uses a layer of foil in the vest to draw the current of the taser, keeping your body nice and jolt-free.

Or as it says at it's own site:

Thor Shield (TS) is a protective fabric lining that provides protection from non-lethal energy weapons such as TASER(TM)*, Stun Guns and animal control devices such as cattle prods. The product has been tested with stun products up to 900,000 volts.

I wrote about Taser company over 4 years ago. They are still using the same Matrix, "be agent Smith" animation. Either they are cheap in the online marketing, or they still think that message still resonates.