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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Techie Tuesday: Taser X26

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Now I like less-than-lethal force weapons as much as the next guy. Yet I find the marketing of this futuristic-looking taser a bit odd as they employ a Matrix like flash animation to push their product. It's worth taking a look at. Of all the film's fans, I never thought that there were people who identified with Agent Smith. Besides isn't the Matrix, like, so last hour?

Now for the testimonials:

"The X was awesome. I have taken many previous dart hits from the M26, and the hit I took today from the X was a very different experience. I was totally decapacitated instantly from the X, but I was more aware of my surroundings during the application and there was no mental haze or contractions after the application. The new shaped "bunker buster" pulse is incredible. Max is genius!" - —Training Officer Michael Coplen, Minneapolis, MN

While designed for human nervous systems, there are reports of subduing pit bulls, a diseased cat, and a moose without using deadly force.