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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Oh my God...

George Tenet resigns for personal reasons.

I am watching Bush on CNN say he accepted Tenet's resignation, that he had done a great job, and was a strong leader in the war on terror.

I wonder if this has much to do with the Plame Affaire or the Chalabi espionage case.

Update: Lean Left follows up ont his specutlation:
There is also the possibility that Tenet has simply had enough. The Administration's refusal to deal with the Plame affair quickly, the neo-cons constant attempts to shift blame, and the fact that the neo-cons apparently allowed an Iranian spy access to the most sensitive of information and allowed the country to be led around by the nose by that same spy are all good reasons for a decent man to want to leave the service of this Administration. The intense defense of Chalabi by neo-cons out of the government may finally have been too much to take, especially if that defense was mirrored in any way inside the Administration.

This story will definitely ignite the blogosphere. If you don't believe me just click on any of the links on my blog roll...

Update II: corrente is running with the idea that Tenet was pushed out and... Maybe Chalabi was doing the pushing...