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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Revenge of the Intern.

If you've ever been the victim of malicious gossip you'll love this article, "The Education of Alexandra Polier"

Alexandra Polier was falsely implicated in the John Kerry intern sexcapade rumor. So how does she get even? By doing real journalism and chasing down the originators of the story. She fought back...

"I had assumed that the story, like much of the initial reporting, was part of a Republican dirty-tricks campaign to break Kerry’s momentum. The attacks on Bill Clinton had worked (but of course, those had been true). So why not take Kerry down the same way? By the time Drudge broke the story, Kerry had won twelve of fourteen states, conceding only South Carolina to John Edwards and Oklahoma to Wesley Clark. As the press started to report the rumor, Kerry also seemed to be under the impression that he was a victim of the right. Speaking in Nevada at a Democratic function on February 14, he declared, “I promise you that when the Republican smear machine trots out the same old attacks in this election, this is one Democrat who will fight back. I fought for my country my entire life and I’m not about to back down now.”

She fought back too and I enjoyed the way she showed up many of the highly-paid reporters who trafficed this crap. That is the best revenge. Go out and do better. That's one class act. This is a refined dish served up cold...