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Thursday, July 01, 2004

The WWBGCHNB Contest...

The envelope please...

Thank you all. There were many great entries, most with a high un-usability quotient. Eventhough Mr. Gates has a much higher net worth the winning entry of the What Would Bill Gates Call His New Blog Contest is:

2 (billion) dollar bill - by Dugh.

Other notable entries:

"Port 135" by attaturk

"I'm so rich It's obscene and I need to die" by desertswine;

"MicroSatan, There's a Little Devil in everyone!" by Scorpio;

"I'm the richest man on the planet so screw you" by just wondering;

"MicroPenis." by Dumbo;

"GatesPosts" or "MicroBlog" by Mad Kane;

"Open Gates" by Tom Evans.