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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dueling Banjos Anyone?

Wonkette chimes in on Miller and Matthews: Dueling Wackos
Senator Zell Miller sort of reminds us of the retarded guy who thinks he's the quarterback of team when actually he's the towel boy. He's the GOP's mascot, not a player and there's something creepy and condescending in the way Republicans treat him, like they have plans to de-pants him or give him a swirly in the locker room as soon as no one's watching. That was the plot of a Cuba Gooding, Jr. movie or something, right?

Who knew the towel boy was so nuts? Challenging Chris Matthews to a duel? Someone's been eating too much glue again. But what weapons, though? Do they even let Zell use the pointy scissors? We're thinking he wouldn't turn up his nose at spitballs now.