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Saturday, September 04, 2004

God Hates Economic Girlie Men

Will Durst responds to the Gropenator:

Got to be perfectly honest here: no idea why everyone is going gaga over California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s little talk at the Republican Convention the other day. First off, it wasn’t really an address; more like a string of cute one liners. I will grant you, he does look impressive with his chin thrust forward. (Pointing towards the future, I’m guessing.) Just not sure a guy whose father was a Nazi should be striking that particular pose, much less giving inspiring speeches about escaping as a youth from under the thumb of a totalitarian regime, but there you go.

I must admit also being a bit taken aback by the “economic girlie men” line. Isn’t this supposed to be the kinder, gentler Republican Party Convention? And now this blatant discrimination against economic girlie men coming straight from the podium? What next, a Constitutional Amendment outlawing marriage between economic girlie men? Taunting the unemployed with “God Hates Economic Girlie Men” placards? New this season on Bravo: “Economic Girlie Men Eye for the Straight Guy”? (more)

(Via Smirking Chimp)