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Friday, December 10, 2004

You get what you pay for...

Which usually means if you pay little, all you get is heartache (and an opportunity for the creative complaint).

Case in point, the other day my login was not recognized for my FREE email account. I tried all the usual trouble-shooting tricks and read damn nearly every help page at Netscape I could find.

After everything,all the circuitous paths led to here where the choice is $39.95 to talk to someone or $9.95 to get Accurate and Affordable Email Support. Where you learn they do not support Netscape web mail.

I started to suspect that Netscape was trying to shake me down for some cash. This sure seemed like a sneaky plan to get people to sign up for a paid account.

Eventually I found out that they had an upgrade that went wrong on a unofficial user site. For almost a business week Netscape did not post any notice and left their users out in the cold before they fixed the problem. Must be that AOL customer service model used to discourage people seeking technical assistance.

Anyone have a free Gmail account they want give me?