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Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Sheep, a Bike, and Boy Named George

Forget about all the goat stories... Posted by Hello

Everytime I learn something new about the young George W. Bush, it keeps getting weirder:
Young George W. Bush once worked on a sheep farm in Scotland and was mistaken by an American tourist as a "little Scottish boy."

The president disclosed his presence in Scotland as a youth in talking to European journalists during a round-table interview on Friday looking ahead to his Europe trip next week.

Bush pointed out the Group of Eight summit of industrialized nations this year would be in Scotland.

He added: "I worked there as a 14-year-old kid. I left Texas for Scotland to work on a sheep farm. And I'm riding a bike, taking this one sheep, you know, from here to there and I said OK, fine, and a big tour bus stops. And they got off and a woman with a Texas accent said, 'look at the little Scottish boy.'"

Bush, who himself has a Texas twang, said he did not let on that he was an American.

Taking a sheep "from here to there," is that what they used to call it?

I am half disinclined to believe this story beause everyone knows he can't ride a bike.