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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Techie Tuesday: Think Tank

I can't feel my feet...hello...where am I? Posted by Hello

Ever feel out of sorts, isolated, or disembodied even? I never realized how much I depend on my computer and feel cut off when I can't send out emails or get my bloggy news. In celebration of this new-found insight I give you this offering from Baron Bob and Wonderfully Wacky:
This glowing life-like brain in a bubbling self contained unit, is much like the ones from the 1950’s horror films.

It’s great as an office oddity, or Halloween effect. The constant bubbling can even be relaxing.

The workmanship and detail are akin to that of Hollywood special effects departments. The tanks come fully assembled – (just add water!)

It stands 47” tall and operates on standard 110 house current.

Now you can have that extra brain for only $225.00

Instead of adding water, I wonder if you could put in your favorite poison and install a tap?

(Via The Red Ferret Journal)