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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Techie Tuesday: Q-Bike

Futuristic retro-ride Posted by Hello

Update (May 10, 2005): This was originally a Techie Tuesday piece before I lost my iternet connection last month. Well here goes - The Q-Bike TimeRider

While looking for more information on the Q-bike I came across this amusing description in chinglish
Q-Bike Light Bicycle Company is proudly introducing the most remarkable and innovative product ever since the 1870. Q-Bike is a product of two centuries of version. With years of research, design and unlimited test, the product is finally put into market on the 1st. of March, 2003.

The bike is classically built to break through the movement and power structures of 1870`s and provide a cruise-fomfort riding experience with a statement on the elegant of the 1870`s Italian classical 〝HiBike〞 Look. (it goes on)

Gadget Universe list this for $249.95

(Via Red Ferret)