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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rumors of my demise disappearance

Financially, it was one of those bad months - where the choice to buy dog food (for my dog!) or pay my ISP had to be made (love the dog more than the blog). It lead to them cutting off my service. Then they un-provisioned the DSL on my line before I got them the payment.

Since then, it's been hell trying to get Earthlink to restore the provisioning on the line which is still in the order process of a "system glitch." Well, they did activate the user account weeks after receiving a payment and not the promised 24 hours. So I'll try to blog on dial-up although it cuts down on the material I can sift through.

Not having access to the web and email is kind of like losing your only watch: after a while you stop looking at your wrist to see what time it is. It's somewhat liberating but also you are likely to be somewhat late...