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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Burn Out

Not Me! Not yet...Must be some other blogger...

My modem blew yesterday, power module burnt out, just up and died. I must've been surfing so hard, trying to catch up all the favorite blogginess, snark, and weird sites I visit and adore, that my new gateway modem crappped out.

Once again I was able to reach the sbcgobal tech support in under 2 minutes. No long phone-tree crap (though I hate the voice recog system) and was it was speedily determined that the hardware was faulty. So, still high marks to sbcglogal. Also the surfing speed was fast (while it lasted), almost double of what earthlink gave - along with all their grief.

However, all the customer service in the world can't save a service if their hardware product is a piece of shit. It can only extend the date of the demise

In other burn out news Kevin of is moving on (growing up?) and retiring his blogging jersey.

In a way this makes me sad because he was one of the first to link to me back when I upgraded his picture of where senate leader, Dr. Frist, pissed himself.

Kevin - best of luck!