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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Techie Tuesday: Chariot of the Dogs

If gas keeps going up, or we see a serious shortage of petrol due to poor foriegn relations (read another war in a oil producing country) I might get me one of these sulkies.

I imagine purina powered locomotion might catch on for around the corner shopping trips and such. Clean energy if you bring the pooper scooper.

Before you get all animal rights in my face, dontcha think it's better than a Mad Max scenario where we're shooting people in the face for the last bit of liquified horse power?

Check out this page on sulky specs and simple use of an age old thing call the lever.

For cost of about fifteen hundred clams this might be cheaper than some pure breads (and most El Caminos), make no bones about it...

(Thanks to Modern Pooch )