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Friday, February 10, 2006

Death of a Blog and Why Earthlink Still Sucks

This Blog has not died, not yet anyways. Checking my blog stats, I see that it's being kept alive by a few stalwarts and Google searches. I was happy to see that I made the first page for searches under earthlink sucks . Warms my heart!

Other Google hits that put me in their top ten, or first page, during the last 48 hours:
mit tin foil hat
tortured irish in 1971
how to kill rodents
culture smart card
sheeps vs goats
How to make hummus
quarter pounder with cheese "quote"
red vs blue turducken
how neanderthals killed
dog trick drop ball bucket godoggo
what would rambo do?

Even if you stop writing it is still out there. Check these posts out!

Maybe they fade in ranking and, but, possibly they endure as long as the storage medium lasts...Maybe that is forevever.

That can't be silenced, right? Now, in a democracy that should not be problem, right?