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Monday, April 24, 2006

Bad, bad blogger...

I originally set this up to post almost a week ago. Left it rotting in the draft section.

Spring brake...
I didn't mean to slow down on the posting here but priorities have been skewed. Work and getting outside have taken precedence lately. That and reading books.

Currently my latest commute read is, The GoodLife, by Jay MacInerny.

I saw him at a book signing affair awhile back (boss made me go) where MacInerny shared this latest story/insight about 9-11. It's from a New Yorker's perspective.

I'm enjoying it, although it has many of the traits are so East Coast - prep schools, vacations in the Hamptons and references to NYC glitterati. Strangely enough that make it enjoyable in the sense of a removed socialologist listening to tribal tales of one who has an inkling understanding.

Vaguely it reminds me of Bonfire of the Vanites but without the pompous code, "I'm a New Yorker Bulshit." To explain, I once knew this model guy back when I was in Tokyo whose pitchto every girl was, "New York is the coolest place to be. It's so cool. Oh, did I mentioned I'm from New York?"

There, I've stated my West Coast prejuduce. Yet this story comes alive and is believable in how theyd shaped their lives around the disaster. How they deal with it and somehow find new love and dissatisfaction in turbelent times. Is cheating or finding your true self, maybe it is just age old cheating...

Haven't finished the story so I don't know what to think ....This is not a book reprot!

Well,I finished the story. I'm not completely satisfied with the turn of events at the end. It could be that the writer has his charcters find that nothing has really changed since 9/11; they resort (after soul-searching)to be true to character yet with new-found altrustic overtones.

But what the hell do I know about being a New Yorker?