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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Techie Tuesday: The Hula Chair

Via The Red Ferret Journal I found the Hula Chair for only $199.95. which has the following benefits:
The chair has used the brand-new health-keeping ideas,perfectly integrated the classical tradition Chinese medicine and incorporated sports,body-building and body xxxxx can strengthen the function of your intestines.stomach and waist so as to remotivate your vigor and xxxxx motor-drive hula chair.which has been designed with the advanced principles of medicine,physics,physilolgy and human system engineering makes sports easy and simple and can keep you strong and healthy without your stepping out of the house,it has swiffly friggered a mass fervor in the Republic of korea,Japan,USA,Europe with its brand-new ways of sports and remarkable effect.

The Quintiple 'X" made think it was NSFW. So this must be the answer to the question of the day: Do you need a $500 vibrator.