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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is your blog only about politics?

That's what a friend said to me.

Ok, it's near an election and I've negelcted the sex and religion part. Surprise, there is a religious scandal with a person who reaches 30 million people with his message, that's like one persons in every NBA game, with both teams playing. That's 2.2 players in a championship football game.

His message is teh gay is bad!

Yet according to the accusations he is teh gay.

For me the greatest sin is making money while castigating the sin and still raking the money - For political gain makes it worse

There is no excuse, I mean there is no excuse that will make it right - no justification.

You claim to be a man of God and then do the exact opposite of what you -- can you clain forgiveness? It was the money? It was the political power? It was the method to my my madness?

It was Satan...

Politics and religion do not mix - because it corrupts religion.