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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bush's War on Tourism

When will the the insanity end? Just look at this story about a 4-Year-Old Boy on Government 'No-Fly' List:
Sijollie Allen and her son had trouble boarding planes last month because someone with the same name as Edward is on a government terrorist watch list.

"Is this a joke?" Allen recalled telling Continental Airlines agents Dec. 21 at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. "You can tell he's not a terrorist."

She said it took several minutes of pleading and a phone call by the ticket agent to get on the plane to New York.

Allen, a Jamaican immigrant, said workers at La Guardia Airport were even more hard-nosed before their Dec. 26 flight home. She said a ticket agent told her: "You're lucky that we're letting you through instead of putting you through the other process." (emphasismine)

Would that other process include a cavity search?

More and more this is not the country I grew up in.

(via Ang's Weird Idea)