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Monday, January 02, 2006

Bush Hatred? My God, No It's Love of Country!

One country, under one gut is not what any patriot died for. Yet that is how Bush decided to to invade Iraq. His gut told 'em that Saddam was lying to him and there was a threat.

Furthermore, his gut told him to go ahead, attack. Maybe the voice of Gopd (sic) is loged in his small intestine?

Despite all the analysis and diplomacy skills of our government, we are held hostage to the gut of the Commander-in-Chief.

I hope he never again eats a burrito from across the border. For us it could be devastating (they still carry around the football with its launch codes,right?).

Impeaching Bush, even the idea has its downsides:

I wrote about this a few weeks ago about the danger of Impeaching Bush, like in what could come after; so does Deborah Leavy:
Unfortunately, there is more than one downside to impeachment. I am not referring to the huge distraction it represents to the Congress and the administration, or the divisiveness in might engender. The problem I want to raise is the line of succession. If the Senate were to vote for impeachment, Bush would no longer be president.

But then what? Consider the consequences. Vice President Dick Cheney would succeed him. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire! From the moment Cheney selected himself as vice president, he has been directing Bush's presidency. It was Cheney's idea to expand the powers of the president, and that is what started this whole sorry mess. Cheney, too, violated his oath to uphold the Constitution, so he should probably be impeached as well.

Next in line is the speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. Dennis Hastert? What kind of presidential material is that? Then comes the president pro tem of the Senate, Ted Stevens, the Howard Dean of the Republican Party, the guy who yells and screams on the floor of the Senate if he doesn't get his pet projects for Alaska. Imagining him as president is truly building a bridge to nowhere.

Next? Members of the Cabinet, starting with Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice. Like Cheney, she has been in the thick of things since the beginning of the Bush administration. Maybe she could be impeached, too.

So, as some think it's just a kerfluffle

I must agree with TDoug Thompson
Let's start the New Year by impeaching the criminal at the top of this corrupt pyramid scheme and then work our way down through the sordid pile. Indict Vice President Dick Cheney for bribes he paid and the money he laundered while Chairman of Halliburton. Send Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to prison for insider trading. Put former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay under the jail.

Time to send a message to the cabal of greed and corruption that has taken over our government and tell them that their ass is grass and we've got a bunch of lawn mowers fully gassed and ready to start cutting.

Impeachemnt did not throw Clinton out of office. It did change the dynamic in the voters eyes. Clenis and, those were good times, or gut-loss of liberties.

Make your choice.

Vote no on the presidential gut and his followers...