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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Techie Tuesday: QuakeAlert

Back by popular demand (OK someone asked me about it) and part of my New Years's
resolution, I'm resurrecting the Techie Tuesday series.

Since many of my readers are living in the danger zone, California (& not that song from Top Gun) I thought I share this new technology from Canada.

The battery powered Earthquake Early Warning System, QuakeAlert is as their conclusion states -- without going into all the science and stuff:
"The results of the tests showed, in general, that QuakeAlert is sensitive enough to detect small vertical ground motions, thereby providing a warning time before the arrival of more damaging horizontal motions produced by earthquakes. Warning time will allow users enough time to take precautionary action in the event of an upcoming seismic shaking. The warning time will depend, of course, on the earthquake type, the epicentral and focal distances, and the geological conditions of the site where the device is to be installed. A careful consideration of these aspects would ensure an effective performance of the device and will help to prevent or minimize undesirable false-alarm triggers caused by ground motions with similar characteristics to those produced by earthquakes." Dr. Carlos E. Ventura, Earthquake Research Laboratories, University of British Columbia.

All this at a steal for $199.95.

If you need more security, try out this device from Zombie Alert -- Home Protection for Sophisticated Families with their $1 million money-back guarantee.

Be safe as you can....