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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Continuing Saga of Why Earthlink Sucks

Longtime readers will understand me when I say, Earthlink bites, suck, and splooges in serious way. Like last time they screw up a payment and calling customer service only gets you the run-a-round.

So why don't you change your ISP, you ask? Well, I was just told that I would have to pay $199 to cancel my service. It seems back when I escalated my complaints and I spoke with a supervisor all the discounts that they offered were to tie me into a new year-long contract. I don't remember agreeing to that and never received any written confirmation to that effect. One might say that was a deceptive business practice.

I've been a customer for over5 years and used to speak highly of their service. But I've never seen a company's service levels fall so low in such a brief time. In the last year I have with increasing frequency been knocked off-line and recently rebooting the modem has been a daily event - sometimes hourly.

Anybody else have this problem with them? I'm thinking about SBCglobal for my next ISP, but I also hate the phone company and have for most of my life. That started after seeing The President's Anaylst many, many years ago...