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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Russert, Obama, and Belafonte

Walk into a bar, and Russert asks if it was appropiate for Belafonte to call Bush a terrorist? Now he doesn't direct his question to any of the white patrons of said bar, just Senator Obama.

Only this is not a joke, I saw this happen on Meet the Press this morning. Russert tried his trademarked "gotcha'" grilling to get a guest to disavow the remarks of someone else or they may tarred by the same brush if they don't stridently distance themselves. Senator Obama almost seemed taken aback by the pure bull-shittedness of the question, but then responded that private citizens are entitled to their opinions.

Not a bad answer since Belafonte is a private citizen, not a politician, and has no bananas for sale.

Maybe we should ask Tim Russert to respond question that TBogg once put to his readers: Answer "Why I Am A Republican."

My favorite response was, "I came for the tax cuts, but stayed for the intolerance."

Snark aside, could that be very different from what Russert might answer if put to the rack? Gotcha'!

It sure does seem to sum up what was in his mind when he ask that question.