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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Viagraholics Anonymous

This is a Public Service Announcement for those who have never heard about the evils of viagra abuse:
Viagra abuse is severely underreported for two main reasons. First, many men do not seek treatment for Viagra dependency because of the stigma around this problem. Second, information about Viagra dependency has been suppressed by major pharmaceutical companies who fear it may damage sales.

Well there is now a support group for you or persons close to you who may exhibit the warning signs of a viagra problem, such as:
The Viagra abuser may miss work or take "sick days" because of the effects of too much Viagra. These include the results of sexual overactivity, including exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and chafed and sore genitalia. Also, Viagra abusers may find themselves unable to leave the house in order to maintain their work schedule and other commitments because of persistent and uncontrollable erections.

Take the Viagraholics Quiz to see if you might have a dependancy that can lead to a life of utter ruin and chafing, lots of chafing....