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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Funny things you learning while hyper-surfing the net...

After following a post from Bifurcated Rivets I came across this message board about Bibical Prophecy? - The Mark of the Beast
From: JackOfTraDeZ (16740455) Jun-5 1:14 am
To: reddiamond (10510974) unread (3 of 15)
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I believe the Mark of the Beast will be some kind of RFID chip; the technology -already exists and it is being used to monitor pets and livestock already. Some advocate implanting chips in people as a really good and secure way of handling financial transactions, citizens' ID, etc., and honestly, there are good arguments for all of that. But what they fail to see is the horrendous possibility for abuse and enslavement.

Could you get by today without a credit card, or for that matter, telephone or even internet? Technology has a way of creeping up on us until we are totally dependent, enslaved by it.

Yes, the chips are coming, and you will not be able to get by ("buy, sell or trade") in the brave new world without it. A logical place to put them (ease of use, scanning, etc., would be the forehead or wrist). We are truly in the End of Days.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: Assign a number to each letter of the alphabet, starting with A=6, and increment by 6 each letter. Thus B=12, C=18 etc. all the way to Z.

Now add it up for the word COMPUTER.

So I did, and according to that insighful mathematical fomurla the word "COMPUTER" does add up to 666. I mean, there was dicussion when I was a child if I should get a Social Security Number because it was a plausible satanic numbering for the end times.

So I set up a spreadsheet to see what other words or names equaled the triune of 6.
-Blogger/s, nope
-Blogosphere, nope
-Blogtopia, close
-Daily Kos,nope
-Markos Zuniga, not even close
-Markos Moulitsas, still not close
-Blogofacism, nope
-Lee Siegel, nope
-Joe Lieberman, nada
-Ned Lamont, not even remotely close
-King of Zembla, too many letters

I'm sure there are many, many more combinations. Alas, while my brief research shows absolutely nothing, I still am thinking the sign of the beast is probably in the IP address format since it's so tricky, devilish to set up and so, so traceable...

The final word goes to message boarder:
From: Kings Kid (11259352) Jun-14 10:31 pm
To: JackOfTraDeZ (16740455) (5 of 15)
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Just a thought here,

If we are going to assign numeric value to letters should we not be using the hebrew alphabet? Perhaps the greek?

In Christ,


Kids King (or Gary) you may have a point there...