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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Antidote to Blogcoma

It's been hard to write when everything seems to heading towards Hades. Reading the news, blog posts and observing the world in general, "we are in a world of shit." Pardon the gratutious Kubrick quote*.

Rove appears to have gotten off and is now back to stroking-off the hardcore liberal haters. Congress enjoys meaningless foreplay over fags and flags, culminating with a stand firm, no pull out vote.

What's a poor blogger to do? Lately, I've been thinking of selling everything and reduce my possesions to a backback and one-way ticket to somewhere else. I did that once before in my twenties. I'd just like to do it again before the rest of the world doesn't want to crucify on sight anyone with an American passport.

Problem is I think that half the world is already at that point because of what our government is doing. That is, they are making the world unsafe for Americans!

So to combat this mal-humeur I search out some comedie:

Here is new blog that made me smile: The Washington Beltsider

How Italians reacted to the 1-1 draw with Team USA at the World Cup helps if you can read Italian.

Video of Stephen Colbert on the Letterman Show

Video of when Bush vists Baghdad

The photoshop contest of How America Views the World

And lastly, I think I found a picture of Anne Coulter's shriveled soul...

*Full Metal Jacket