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Sunday, June 11, 2006

May Fever & maybe a June bug

I have been suffering from the annual draught of postings lately - kind of an allergic response or an annual retreat in the form of bloggus interruptus.

Last year I missed my blog anniversary. And, once again I missed the date of May 18th, when I started this sordid affaire; where I once had passion and couldn't stop posting.

So here's short-list of my favorite posts from that first May.

Some of them are listed for the pleasure of the hits they generated or the pleasure of the writing/researching the topic.

Click through to visit my first month of posts, starting with why I chose the name of Saramouche:
I Didn't Choose this Class War...

Or, when I wrote how the administration decided that they had unimpeachble - nay, un-varnished evidence of WMDs: They didn't really lie! Really! Not at All...

Or, when this pic was tops on Google for Smiling Dog:I Don't Do Friday Cat Blogging

Or, for what always cracks me up Bush Planted in the Ground -or- Where the Dubya' Meets the Road

Or, maybe thereal reason creationists dont'like the breeding theory of evolution: Neanderthals Down by the Gene Pool

Or, my first good joke(which needs to be updated): Bush Playing with Saddam's Pistol

Or, my favorite (I might even work in this building now): If I still worked downtown....

After this, it feels sometimes like it is all down hill. Then I understand
the process of blogging is an exercise in finding your voice: strident sometimes; witty the next.

So, I guess I'm saying is blogging is like breathing like oxygen
You get too much you get too high. Not enough and you're gonna die