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Friday, March 21, 2008

Jeriamiah Wright is a Bull Frog

Let the YouTube do the talking...

Update: (h/t Mad Kane)

Obama Sings: ‘Jeremiah’s Bull is My Bog’

Jeremiah’s Bull is my bog
He WAS a good friend of mine
I never did endorse a single word he said
‘Bout the whites he did malign
And he seemed to cross a mighty wide line

Joy to McCain
Helping the insane, now
Joy to the haters in the deep red sea
Pain for you and me

If I were, the Prez of U.S.
Tell you what I’d do
Throw away the scars, gas guzzling cars and the war
And give peace doves to you
Sing it now…

Joy to McCain
Helping the insane, now
Joy to the haters in the deep Wright sea
Electoral loss for you and me

You know I’d love the ladies
To dump Hillary just for fun
I’m a unifier, rainbow coalition rider
I’d like to shoot that son-of-a-gun
Er, I mean a straight shootin’ son-of-a-gun

Joy to McCain
Helping the insane, now
Joy to the haters in the deep red sea
Suicide for you and me

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Perfect Democratic Candidate?

(via the Presurfer)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Barack Obama is not the Anti-Christ

This tiny blog has been getting an ginormous amount of hits from Google searches for Barack Obama antichrist. This started when I reported back in August, 2004, the reaction to Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention.

C'mon, wouldn't the Anti-Christ come as a wolf in sheep's clothing? Profess to be an agent of the Lord and then unleash the dogs of war; go back to the cradle of civilization and kill innocents; deny health care to impoverished children; pollute the very earth that we hold stewardship of; imprison and torture people and then not visit; or put the mark on everyone for surveillance?

That doesn't sound Like Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton. Sounds like someone else.

Also, the revered and great theologian, John Hagee (John McCain supporter), said the same on tape that Obama is not the Anti-Christ>

If that is not enough, take comfort in the idea that Obama is really the Kwisach Hadreach .

I Always Like Mary Ann Better Than Ginger

Report: Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," is serving six months' unsupervised probation after allegedly being caught with marijuana in her car...

Woot! Finally a New Democratic Sex Scandal!

There has been a decade drought, nay, a dearth of sex scandals by Democratic politicians. Until now, we sex scandal aficionados have only been offered the tawdry pablum of GOP officials caught with their drawers down engaging in some kinky shit, or upgrading their wives after cheating on them. It has been a long while since we have had a real good sex scandal by a Democrat.

Finally we've got some British-tabloid level crank with a guv'nor, no less. If you don't know what I'm talking about just turn of your TV.

Alright then, the story as we know it today: Eliot Spitzer, the first-term Governor of New York has been implicated in using the services of Call Girls, Hookers, Whores what have you provided by an outfit known as the Emperors Club. Their rates went by a rating only the Michelin Guide could envy - Diamonds in lieu of forks.

Commercial Break: Diamond Girl by Seals & Croft

These Diamond Girls cost plenty and, who knows, maybe they are worth it.

But what make this scandal luscious is how many rhymes match his name with the added bonus that with all the calls for resignation or his impeachment, he has yet to be indicted for anything.

Amongst all the clamor and criticism, Dr. Laura takes the cake.

Shorter version: If his wife was a swallorer and not a Spitzer he wouldn't be going to other women...