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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Xmas Cruelty to Pets

Here is a load of pics showing what some people will do to their pets...

War on Christmas Gone Wrong

Somehow the rest of the world doesn't get it.

(via The Presurfer)

Sex - Not Writing About It!

A lot of politics, some religion and not so much about sex. Why is that?

Well, for the most part all the clips and articles about sex are mostly about Republican sex. Lurid shit. And badly done at that. Wide stance, indeed!

It reminds me of a Human Sexuality seminar on a college campus where the guest speaker starts off with one of those public speaking tricks to increase interaction with the audience:

"So, by a raise of hands I would like to conduct an informal survey. Who has had sex in the last week?"

The crowd goes nuts with waving hands.

"No honestly, who has sex in last month?"

The crowd, still rambunctious erupts in a lot of hand waving.

"I'm serious about this, how many only have had sex once every six months?"

Properly chastened, in the crowd only a few brave souls raise their hands.

"Well, who has sex only once a year?"

Unexpectedly, from the back row is a voice saying, "Me, me!"

The speaker taken aback asks, "Why are you so exited?"

"It's tomorrow, it's tomorrow!"

Youtube Morning: Some Papa John Creach

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat nostalgic. I had a hankering for a bit of the wicked violin rifts of Papa John Creach with a side dish of Hot Tuna:

Not totally sated I thought I'd follow through with a smattering of John Barleycorn:

That flute music sprung up a desire, for what might seem a odd choice, for Xmas music:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Poli-Sci-Fi: Planetary Politics

I don't know how I missed this one from a few weeks ago from the WSJ:
Have the worlds of science fiction and presidential politics ever been more closely aligned than they were in 2007?

I ask myself that every other day...Yet here are some choice tidbits from the article worth reading.
But really, is it all that remarkable that Romney would identify with the story of a virtuous hero who saves Earth from a foreign invasion force? Or that several candidates have embraced science fiction when so many of them could benefit from its lessons? As the primary season approaches, we offer a few sci-fi suggestions to some of the Democratic and Republican contenders — and to a few major players on the periphery who could use the remedial reading.

Now let's get down to the recommended reading list, shall we?
Former mayor of New York

Should tell reporters he’s read “Childhood’s End,” by Arthur C. Clarke: An advanced intelligence arrives from above, creating a utopia by integrating all of humanity into a single mind that thinks and acts as one.

Might also consider reading “The War of the Worlds,” by H. G. Wells: During a cataclysmically destructive event, an observant bystander happens to be in the right place at the right time and thereafter never stops talking about it.

Not to be partisan, or such:
Senator from New York

Should tell reporters she’s read “Dune,” by Frank Herbert: Left adrift to wander in a desert wasteland, the scion of a deposed dynasty retakes the family’s lost throne in thrilling and violent fashion.

Might also consider reading Herbert’s “Children of Dune”: A calculating despot undergoes the ultimate act of political triangulation by transforming himself into a part-human, part-worm creature and going on to rule for what feels like 3,500 years.

This one takes the cake and the spikes punch bowl with it:
President of the United States

Should tell reporters he’s read “Ender’s Game,” by Orson Scott Card: A gifted child from a privileged family defeats a race of inhuman warriors without ever having to leave the comfort of his war-simulator machine.

Might also consider reading “A Scanner Darkly,” by Philip K. Dick: A troubled law enforcer invites a series of increasingly desperate, damaged characters into his home and lives to regret the decision.

Funny read with lot more of your favorite pols...

(via sfsignal)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What if Jesus was running for Prez?

Could Jesus be are our next President?

Apart from the minor constitutional issues

-Not Born in America
-Not quite 35 years of age

Could Jesus be be elected in the current political climate?

Let's examine his reported political convictions:

-Political terrorism: Live by the sword die by the sword...
-Taxation: Render unto Caesar that which is Cesar's...
-Health Care for Kids: Suffer the little children...
-How they will know they are Christian: By their love, by their love...
-America: Forgive them Father for that which do not know...
-Hardest thing he has accomplished: Tied his ass to a tree and walked into town...

Well, could he be elected or get serious TV coverage?

Probably not, as he has not proposed a serious tax reduction plan. Talking about the poor, the meek, the down-trodden (fancy word for stomped on) does not fit into the media playbook about 'serious' candidates.

Jesus sounds too much like a populist, a rabble rouser, and his name sounds too much like an immigrant to gain any traction with our nativist crowd. Plus that kind of talk will get you strung up around these parts.

Peace on earth is not once mentioned in the Gospel alongside the word Democracy, or in any religious text I have ever read.

So, Jesus would probably have not run on the issue of Democracy in the Middle East, but on a platform that promised peace and goodwill to all mankind...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mormons Can Rock

Not sure if they can dance...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Seriously, WTF?

Awesome New Invention: The Back Up - Watch more free videos

Saturday, December 08, 2007

America Doesn't Torture

We honestly don't do torture and we destroyed the pictures to prove that. I mean, without pictorial evidence no one will ever believe we engaged in such nefarious conduct.

Besides, if we did engage in torture (not saying that we did) it was done with the best intentions. It would have, if we did it, saved the lives of countless AMERICANS, and the children of of Americans, or American children, so what's the harm? Did I mention children?

C'mon, the average Marine goes through a simulated regimen of torture to toughen them up in case the are ever interrogated by the enemy. There is nothing like breaking a recruit down and building them back up to be tough ass-kicking soldiers.

Never mind that some lily-pansied peaceniks consider it a war crime that might be punishable by death, we are extracting information that will make you safe. Because somewhere you want us there - standing between you and the savages that will come and destroy the comforts that we have given you, while grotesque to you, it saves lives!

If not, take up a rifle and stand guard, because you need us there, because deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you want us there doing that.

But that is all a hypothetical, since we do don't do that. We don't torture.

God Bless America!

Dogs of War

I keep coming back to this site and laughing uncontrollably: Dog Armor

The accompanying text: I can make you a set of steel dog armor like this for 500$. Your dog will need to be a pitbull shaped dog around 65lbs or Ill need your dog here in person to get the fit right.

But it doesn't stop there.

Bonus Pic:

I think this is Susie Madrak's worse nightmare!

Where I've Been

Today I was asked where I've been. Then, "I thought you died," she said.

My response, "Worse. I got a new job!"